25 Things that You just don’t know about me





I am a flesh and blood person like you with, who possesses sensitivity and human warmth. Since I work through the computer, I interact with my client in an unique way. That is why, I want you to get to know me better.

The idea was to name 50 ideas, but I do not want to extend much  and I prefer to be more specific with some of the points.

This is my most personal post I’ve written so far, and you may even laugh (like me as I wrote it). What’s better than laughing at oneself?

Here we go!

1. Soy de Santander (Cantabria) in the north of Spain, although many people believe that I must be from any northern European country due to my look. (My grey grandfather was half French).

2. I am the second daughter of a large family.

3. I love reading. As a child I spent hours and hours mostly reading everything, especially didactic books and magazines. I feel it is awe-inspiring the way we can use the language to convey both our thoughts and feelings.

4. I love music and listen to at least a couple of songs every day. I’m more into country happy music, however, I enjoy almost all kind of music.

5. My first career was Chiropractic, I opted for totally different careers in time such as translation, psychology and finally teaching languages.

6. I do love United Kingdom and the English language. I chose the city of London as my home in 2011.

7. I enjoy writing. When I child, I wrote many short stories and gave them as a present to my dear friends.
8. I love animals and I especially liked cats, although I have always had dogs.

9. As you may know, Latin people have two surnames. I only use my second surname, Gonzalez, at the request of an English teacher when I first came to England.

10. I worked as a volunteer in Bolivia for seven months. It was an uplifting experience to work for the wellbeing of the Guarani tribe and try to learn their language.

11. I can’t stand the cold, I always say that what it is missing in the UK is the lovely Spanish weather.

12. My favourite colour is blue and my season of the year, summer. When I was in Bolivia, I used to live in “El Chaco” (Fire).

13. I find myself within the generation “devour-series”. Some of the series I have loved are “Blossom”, “The fresh prince of Bel air” and “Friends”.

14. Popcorn and red liquorice is a must, all I need to enjoy a good film in the cinema.

15. I love working as a freelance online tutor. Having my own methodology to teach and creating courses that work is one of my contributions to the world. Besides that, … I am learning so much!

16. I belong to 1% of professionals who use Windows. My computer is Windows and the next will probably be as well.

17. I wish I could have days of 32 hours to be able to explore all the things that I am passionate about.
18. I love vegetarian, Italian and Chinese food.

19. I never read sad news in the newspaper. I firmly believe that we are affected emotionally by what happens around us. Certainly, then, we ought to be selective avoiding what it is harmful or needlessly upset our emotional balance.

20. I travel for pleasure every year. I hope to be able to visit my friends in Paris later this year and go to South Africa next year. One of my dreams is to ride an elephant.

21. My family is a fundamental pillar in my life, they are very important.

22. I love everything related to self-knowledge and personal development.

23. My company logo, a windmill, came from the literary work “El Quijote”, by Miguel de Cervantes. They are still many in both Central and the South of Spain. My friend designed it for me.

24. I am “risueña” (cheerful), spontaneous and very enthusiastic.

25. I am a perseverant and committed person. I value loyalty and kindness in people.

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