About me

I am Susana Gonzalez, and it is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as director and teacher of Seriouslyspanish.com.

I am from a beautiful Spanish land, Cantabria, in the north of the country.
I grew up in a small village with my family where I could enjoy the country life, with a marvellous mountainous scenery and breath-taking sunsets.

From a very young age, I began to be aware of my great sensitivity and my desire to help others, this, among other factors motivated me to want to teach languages professionally. I did some teaching courses,  TEFL and DELE, (Teaching English and Spanish as  foreign languages), attended to diverse seminars and travelled a little to get to know the people who lived far away and their culture. I loved it!

I have worked in some schools in Spain and UK and currently I live and work in Manchester, England, and teach English and Spanish online to both individuals and companies.

“Learning a language is like travelling”. How many times I have heard this! Nevertheless, there is some truth in this saying. I am convinced that there is no better life than share it with others….. that is what you do when travelling.

Did you know that there are 559 million people who speak Spanish? Learning this colourful and expressive language brings you endless opportunities to know and enjoy of the outgoing Spanish people, their lively culture and happy music. I want to be your travelling companion in the process of learning and speaking Spanish. I am here to guide you, to laugh with you, and exploring the Spanish world together.



My Values

– Proud of what we do

– Go the extra mile

– Innovate and improve

– We are a team; we get things done together

My Philosophy

  • No single training method suits everyone. We are sensitive to different learning styles.
  • Spanish and English are used for international communication. You will be immersed in a multi-cultural environment while studying.
  • The schedule is planned but flexible.
  • Learning is a collaboration – between the tutor and the learner.
  • The courses are stimulating. The more you put in the more you will get out.
  • The courses are enjoyable to become effective.